HWB is a leading robotics and automation technology company, specializing in the development of advanced robotics and automation products and custom robotics systems. HWB is recognized as a world leader in the continued development of new and leading-edge robotics technology.

HWB is well known for developments of robotics-based modular automation, mobile robots, customized robotic systems, intelligent mechatronics systems, and expert systems. HWB's emphasis on mobility and modularity of hardware and software allows it to create highly flexible and adaptable solutions that can be easily and rapidly reconfigured to meet the needs of various industries.

HWB Machine Vision Systems
HWB Embedded Systems & Design 
HWB Data Acquisition Systems
HWB Machine Vision systems offer immense benefits to the manufacturing sectors which conventionally realy on human vision for the online product inspection. HWB Machine Vision systems improve product quality, increase productivity, and highly resource efficient thereby offering a distinct cost – advantage by ensuring high-quality products with lower production costs.
HWB Embedded Systems and Design using the LabVIEW graphical system design platform gives the domain expert the power to design the system and also validate the design through real-world implementation. The platform offers tight integration to off-the-shelf hardware with modular I/O and the ability to develop to custom hardware designs and also software .
HWB data acquisition is to measure an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound. PC-based data acquisition uses a combination of modular hardware, application software, and a computer to take measurements.Data acquisition systems incorporate signals, sensors, actuators, signal conditioning, data acquisition devices.
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